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Succession’s Brian Cox reflects on Trump: ‘How the f*** can this country vote for such a f***ing asshole?’

Succession star Brian Cox has given a damning verdict on former president Donald Trump in a new interview.

The Scottish actor was speaking about his sense of “disappointment in the human experiment” when he turned the conversation to Trump, who left office back in January 2021.

“I mean when you get to my age, you look back and you say, ‘It’s a f*** up,’” Cox told US outlet Deadline. “Especially if you’ve lived through four years of Trump.

“You go, ‘how the f*** can this country vote for such a f***ing asshole? And yet, this part of this country will, you know, adore him. What is it they adore? What is it they want? And how disappointing that is. So, I feel that disappointment in the human experiment.”

However, Cox also expressed hope that things could eventually change for the better.

“We will get better,” he said. “We have moments of greatness in our history, but we have these incredible down moments, and we’ve just been through the riot of 6 Jan – [which] put the kibosh on everything, as far as I was concerned.

“And all the love that I had for America, I just thought, ‘What the f***’s going on? What is this? What is this?’”

Cox’s outspoken new memoir, Putting the Rabbit in the Hat, is out now. In it, the actor delivers a number of scathing assessments of other celebrities, including Johnny Depp and Quentin Tarantino.


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