STARKVILLE, Miss. (WTVA)—Some students from Mississippi State University started a technology impacts that’s making history and growing during during the pandemic.

Shelby Baldwin and Calvin Waddy are two of three co-founders of Rocketing Systems, Inc. It’s a software development company that focuses on one of their products Buzzbassador.

Shelby Baldwin, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, said, “Any business that uses Shopify for their online store can install Buzzbassador through the Shopify app store and use it to help automate some of the backend processes of their marketing.”

The app on Shopify helps businesses to do tasks automatically like referral codes, track a company’s sales and commission.

Their company made history by being selected to participate in Venture Atlanta—the Southeast’s largest venture capital and tech conference.

Baldwin said it’s the first Mississippi company to be selected in the conference’s 14 years.

Calvin Waddy, co-founder and CEO, said their business has been growing even during the pandemic.

He said because more people are home, merchants are tending to their online users.

“It’s difficult because employees and family members have been affected by it, but in terms of business it’s actually been really well for us,” he said.

Baldwin said their business is essential to MSU’s and Starkville’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“Those new merchants or newly online businesses are looking for solutions that they didn’t have access to before,” she said.


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