NEW DELHI: Indian Stroke Association, a premier body of stroke treating doctors, launched a first-of-its kind ‘StrokeSOS’ app on Monday to track and assist people hit a by brain stroke reach a proper hospital within the first four-and-a-half hours – also called the golden hours – of the attack.

If attended during the golden hours, a patient can be administered ‘clot-buster drugs’ which can reverse or stem much of the damage.

“Unfortunately in India, less than 1 per cent of stroke patients get the right therapy within first four and half hours. In developed countries this number is at 30-40 per cent,” says Dr Vinit Suri, President of Indian Stroke Association and Senior Consultant Neurologist at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals.

“They lose the first four and half hours trying to identify what they have and trying to be in a Citi scan or MRI centre.”

StrokeSOS contains information of hospitals across India with capability to administer this treatment. If a person with symptoms of a stroke activates this app, then the location of the user would automatically relayed to nearest hospital on the list.

Since the App is linked with Google Maps, the patient will be navigated to the nearest facility. The hospital will be ready by the time the patient reaches as it will be notified at the same time.

“Most of us know about the best facilities in our city. But what if something happens when we are traveling. Sometimes the best facility might be next door and we run around here and there in emergency situation,” adds Dr Suri. “This app is for everyone from frequent travelers to international tourists or any aware citizen who wants to help himself or any other person.”

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StrokeSOS is a free app available for iOS and android users.

Strokes are turning out to be one of the biggest cause of death and disability across the globe. It’s counted among the top three reasons of morbidity in India. As per an estimate, 70 per cent of the 70 million stroke patients worldover, are in India and China. And 85 per cent of deaths also take place in these countries suggesting poor and untimely treatment.



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