An Xbox game on an iPad, offering to launch.

Microsoft, Google, and even Amazon are all working on cloud streaming solutions so you can game without a console. But if you have an Xbox console and want to play on the go, you should grab Microsoft’s latest iOS Xbox app update. With it, you can stream your personal Xbox collection to your iPad or iPhone.

Somewhat similar to PlayStation’s Remote Play, Xbox Remote Play lets you stream any Xbox One (or Xbox Series X|S when they release) game you own from your console to your mobile devices. That distinction is important because you can’t stream Xbox 360 or original Xbox games, despite Xbox One’s backward compatibility capabilities.

You’ll need to either play digital copies of games you own, or have the disc for the game you want to play. You can play over Wi-Fi or over 4G LTE (watch your data limit). And the Xbox app doubles as a controller.

Touch screens make for terrible game controllers, but having that last feature means you can remotely turn on your Xbox even when you aren’t home. After that, you should pair a controller to your device.

Android devices already had Remote Play, but this update brings parity to the iPhone and iPad. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait if you were hoping for Microsoft’s Game Streaming service (informally known as xCloud).

Apple doesn’t allow singular apps to act as a game streaming store and host natively. Instead, companies either have to jump through a convoluted catalog app process or release a mobile browser app. But, even that comes with limitations.

via The Verge

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