Carolyn Wark-Black suffered a stroke at 25 and was told her kidneys could eventually fail.

Last spring, she was connected to a dialysis machine to stay alive.

“Three, four hours every day,” said Wark-Black. “It was just a continuous process.”

She then tried something different. She posted a message on Facebook asking if anyone was willing to give them a kidney.

The post went viral and Melanie Brault-Goettishein from Hudson, Quebec responded.

“At the time, back in May, all she said is if you’re O positive, I’m looking for a kidney, can you help me,” said Brault-Goettishein. “Scrolling through Facebook I said, ok I’m O positive, what do I need to do.”

Despite living just 20 minutes from each other, the two didn’t meet for months due to the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions related to the crisis.

The donor started documenting her decision.

“I just had a meeting with social workers, they wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing this under distress,” she said.

After multiple tests to make sure they were a match, Brault-Goettishein delivered the news to Wark-Black.

The operation was scheduled for January originally, but the two pushed for December 2020.

“Why not do it in 2020? It’s been such a horrible year,” said Brault-Goettishein. “It would be great to end it by saving someone’s life.”

After a successful operation, both women are now at home.

“I still don’t believe it today,” said Wark-Black. “We text every day, we’re best friends, that’s crazy. I just can wait to have her family over, I’m dying to meet them.” 


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