If you’re worried about getting out of shape while you’re stuck at home and social distancing, you’re probably going to want to plan on something afterwards. Fortunately, Adidas is offering a big trial for their Runtastic subscription service to help you jump right into it.

Free Runtastic trial

This trial is for Runtastic Premium and runs for three months for free. It unlocks all of the premium features in the app, including exclusive training plans, route tracking and saving, personal achievements and records, and full community integration so you can exercise with your friends and create custom challenges.

This is all in addition to Runtastic’s base-tier plan, which still helps you get into shape and stay fit. The app on the Play Store boasts a near 5-star rating across almost a million reviews and helps you set goals and stick to them. It’ll track your running, calories, exercise, and more, and there’s even some integration with certain Adidas shoes that track your running even more accurately.

If you’re looking to invest into fitness so you can still try and get that summer body under current circumstances, give this a shot.

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