If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like if you tossed a bunch of animals into a video game and forced them to battle to the death, Super Animal Royale, coming to Stadia in the future, can help you stop wondering.

Because that’s the foundation of this game. It’s a battle royale game where you play as any number of different woodland critters. Imagine the Woodland Critters from South park. But with far less violence and virtually no gore, yet potentially all of the fun and entertainment.

Battle royale titles are exceedingly popular right now. And Stadia is already home to some of them. Like PUBG. Super Animal Royale is the latest in the genre and it appears to be arriving on Stadia later this year. Which means it’s still a way’s off.

Stadia is not the first platform to get access to Super Animal Royale

While the game is coming to Stadia at some point later this year, it won’t be the first platform to have access. That honor belongs to Steam Early Access where you can currently play the game.

As for upcoming platforms, it will be arriving on Xbox Game Preview on June 1. So if you’re part of this program for Xbox, you’ll have the chance to play this through that program in the next few weeks. In addition to Stadia, Xbox, and PC through Steam, the game will also launch on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5, and Mac computers.

The game will be free-to-play

Much like nearly every other battle royale game out there, Super Animal Royale will be a free-to-play title across all platforms. So when it does finally launch for Stadia you will be able to play it at no cost.

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If you don’t want to wait that long to see what it’s like, it might be worth giving it a go through the Steam Early Access program. That is if you have access to a PC. Otherwise you could simply wait for the Xbox Preview version coming in the near future.

It’s a good time to get into the game as well. The studio behind development, Modus Games, has a major update planned soon. It’ll include not only a new animal season pass, but a redesigned shoreline that surrounds the entirety of the map. Which is massive.

You can check out the dev diary video detailing the new update below.



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