A new short track racing series will debut next year; Evernham provides more details

Tony Stewart and Ray Everham have teamed up to knock it out of the park with the racing series everyone has been asking for. Superstar Racing Experience was announced earlier this month and will debut in Summer 2021.

The cars will be in the hands of the drivers, not aerodynamics. Races will be run on short tracks! Those are two things EVERYONE is looking for and they’re going to make it happen.

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The series is set to run just a handful of races on Saturday nights around July-August. CBS is a partner of the series and will show the races live on network television.

True short track racing will big name racing legends will have a spotlight.

Ray Everham details SRX

“We’re putting this together with some input from the fans. It’s going to be a true competition between the motorsports superstars,” Ray Evernham stated via the Dale Jr Download.

The series will be similar to IROC. However, that series went under, for several reasons. Evernham was involved in IROC too and has learned from mistakes.

“Preparing the cars identically at IROC, we did a great job for what we had to do in the 80’s and 90’s. But, we didn’t know as much about tires, carburetors and aerodynamics.”

“With these cars, we’re going to keep very short tracks. 1/2-mile paved, 1/2-mile dirt tracks and maybe a custom road course. So, aerodynamics won’t be a factor.”

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“We can make the cars much more identical [than IROC]. We’re not going to rely on a bunch of aero. We’re going to have a very responsive engine, so we can create passing.”

“Here, you’ll draw for your race car. Then, you’ll also draw for a legendary crew chief. You and your crew chief will have about a 20 minute practice.”

“We’re going to give you a toolbox of adjustments. Whether that’s a little shock, a little bar, a little bit of spring change or a bit of wedge.”

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Tony Stewart and Cole Custer
Tony Stewart and Cole Custer (Photo: Terrin Waack | NASCAR Digital Media)

Who’s going to run the SRX Series?

Tony Stewart is still the only confirmed driver for the new series. However, we now know more of what series officials are looking for to complete the roster.

Everham added, “We’re looking at superstars. And right now, there are many many guys who don’t run a full schedule.”

“There’s tons of guys that still want to do it. But, they don’t want to run 200mph. They don’t want to run 30-40 times a year. We’re going to talk to a lot of those drivers.”

“We are very aware of the conflicts that IROc had, trying to use current drivers. We are really going to try to stay away from drivers who are full-time in NASCAR, Indycar, IMSA. The guys that are part-time, recently retired or former legends and the people we’re going to look at.”

“We want to compliment auto racing. Not compete with NASCAR or any of that. We’re going to be very aware of the scheduling. We really want SRX to get more eyes on motorsports, as a whole.”

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“We’re looking at about 12 cars. Now, that may just be 10 full-time drivers. The other two cars might be made up of teams of drivers. We’ve got guys from extreme motorsports and global rallycross that can’t make all the races but they wanna swap out and run a couple.”

“Then, we want to maybe give a Rocky Balboa shot to a guy like Doug Coby, the late model guys or maybe a sprint car guy like David Gravel or Donny Schatz. You will see some surprise drivers.”

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“And, there may be some celebrities. We’ve had celebrities call us up. Some of them can wheel and some of them may just be the caution we need.”


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