Sprint's New Unlimited Plan Beats The Competition

Sprint plans to bring unlimited data plans to the public and will do so at a price that undercuts the competition. The service carrier giant has unveiled its “Unlimited Freedom” plan, which will present the prices and number of lines in a simple and easy-to-digest manner.

What does the plan offer?

This news comes from businesswire. The Unlimited Freedom plan offers unlimited talk, text, and data for a price of just $50/month. When it comes to data, you’ll have unlimited video streaming up to 1080p resolution and 10 GBs of hotspot thrown in to sweeten the deal. Sprint, unsurprisingly, made it a point to compare its prices to the competition, and it undercuts its competitors by a decent margin. A similar plan on T-Mobile will cost you $70/month, a Verizon plan will cost you $80/month and a plan on AT&T will cost you $90/month.

If you want to add on more lines of service, Sprint also has you covered in that department. A two-line plan will have you spending just $80 every month for the same services per line. Three lines will cost you $100, and four lines will cost you only $120 every month; that’s $30 per line. Each line will get all of the same services like the video streaming up to 1080p and 10 GBs of hotspot.

Sprint Unlimited Freedom Plan

The fine print

These prices all sound too good to be true- and for the most part, they kind of are. Digging into the fine details of Sprint’s new plan, we find a few hangups. Firstly, this is a limited-time promotion that will run only until June 2018, so get them while they’re hot! Although “unlimited” is in its name, the Unlimited Freedom plan does limit your data speeds after you use 23 GBs. The Unlimited Freedom plan is only for new Sprint customers, so existing customers will have to take a knee on this one.

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The last, and probably biggest, hidden letdown is the fact that the prices actually rise after a certain amount of time.  In June of 2018, the price for one line will jump to $60/month. The price of line two will be $40, meaning that a two-line plan will jump from $80/month to $100/month.  Lines three and four will both cost $30/month. This means that having a four-line plan will jump from $120/month to $160/month.

To put that into perspective, a two-line and four-line plan on T-Mobile cost $100/month and $160/month respectively. Sprint’s prices also don’t include the taxes and fees that will inevitably be tacked onto the final bill statement- whereas T-Mobile customers don’t have this problem. These two companies will be trading blows in the price department, which is ironic due to their planned merger.

According to the executives

Roger Solé, the chief marketing officer of Sprint, has come on to state, “More than 90 percent of our customers are already choosing Unlimited… During the past few months, we’ve seen other national wireless carriers offer unlimited plans, but their offers don’t match the value we provide. Within the first year, Verizon’s and AT&T’s unlimited plans will cost consumers at least 50 percent more!”

He then proceeds to say, “Sprint launched ‘50% off’ in 2015 as a bold offer to attract customers, and it was extremely successful… Since then, Sprint has grown its customer base, improved its network, and elevated its brand. We’re now taking the next step in our transformation – simplifying the choice for customers by primarily offering one plan: Unlimited.”

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Senior research director of Parks Associates, Harry Wang, adds to Solé’s fanfare by saying, “Sprint has been the only mobile operator in the U.S. sticking to unlimited data plans for customers all these years… and the simplicity of unlimited data plan negates individual service features, such as data rollover or zero-rating video service. The return of unlimited plans from all major U.S. mobile operators is good news for consumers, and also reflects operators’ growing confidence in their network.”

Should you buy this plan?

Despite its financial hardships, Sprint is still looking to provide competitive prices for its customers, but the lingering question is still in the air: should you get it? On the surface, $50/month for unlimited data and 10GBs of hotspot looks like a dream, but after factoring in the rise in prices, and the drop in data, the Unlimited Freedom plan’s luster begins to dim. You will, however, still be paying a good deal less than AT&T and Verizon on average.

If you feel that Sprint’s coverage will suit you best, and you feel that up to $160/month won’t burn a hole in our wallet, then it may be worth it to switch over to Sprint’s Unlimited Freedom plan.


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