Is it too early to start thinking about Christmas? Not for brands advertising on audio-streaming platform Spotify.

The company released its Christmas in Summer: Hear the Cheer invite-only digital hub for advertisers, giving them access to key Christmas trends and audience data.

Spotify shared some of those insights:

  • November marks the global start of Christmas listening, but the lengths of listening sessions begin creeping up 10% per month from October through January.
  • There was a 76% jump in smart speaker streams worldwide from October through December 2019.
  • The coronavirus pandemic took its toll, as fewer people streamed from their cars due to not having to make their daily commutes.
  • With people working from home and remaining in quarantine, more users are streaming across devices including computers, televisions, smart speakers and gaming consoles, with Spotify saying, “This offers a robust opportunity for advertisers looking to connect with their audiences thoughtfully and reach consumers as they stream across multiple devices throughout their day.”
  • During the Christmas season, streams of dinner and cooking moments rose 24%.
  • Streams of classical music were up 16% during that period.
  • Rock and hip-hop were the most common genres among non-Christmas listeners.
  • Oldies’ share of streams rose 29.7% from October through December, surging 65.1% on Christmas Day.

Spotify regional head of sales for the U.K. and pan-EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) Rakesh Patel said in a statement, “At Spotify, we know how critical the Christmas period is for brands, both from a business perspective, but also creatively, as it offers an opportunity to lean into the cultural moment to win the hearts of consumers. Given the breadth and depth of our data and insights, advertising on Spotify offers a level of targeting that is unparalleled in any other audio format, and it puts us in a unique position to support brands in really reaching the audiences where it’s important to them, during the critical Christmas period. While the industry is in planning mode, we wanted to open up our insights to support advertisers looking to get the most from their Christmas campaigns.”

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