Spotify is reportedly working on yet another change to their mobile UI, but instead of putting the focus on podcasts or advertising, they’re just trying to make things more simple and accessible for users. It’ll be much easier to browse different pieces of your library now, and should mark the biggest visual update the app has seen in a few years.

Spotify UI update

The biggest change in this refresh comes in the library view. Instead of exclusively focusing on playlists. You won’t start in the playlist view, but will be able to see your recently played playlists, artists, and albums (and podcasts!) and can shift into just seeing each of those exclusively by using the new tabs up top. There’s a new search button and a moved “new playlist” button in the top right, too.

This new interface seems to be just in testing at this point, with a bigger rollout likely to follow over the next few weeks. We might even see it time up with Spotify’s new HiFi plans, depending on how quick they want to get into competition with Tidal.

source: Android Police

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