Sony Could Be Planning To Release A PlayStation Launcher For PC

It’s a wild time to be a PlayStation fan, with some PlayStation Studios games now on PC, and a potential upcoming launcher to house those games. According to a recent Video Games Chronicle report, evidence has been found that could suggest Sony wants to release its own PlayStation launcher for the PC titles it ports over.

The report states that references to the launcher have been found within files of the most recent PlayStation Studios release. Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered. So far, this is the only game to reference a PC launcher. Previously released titles, such as God Of War and Horizon Zero Dawn, make no mention of it at all. It’s unclear what Sony’s official plan is. But there appears to be a couple theories.

A PlayStation PC launcher could allow Sony to exclusively sell its games

Right now PlayStation Studios games aren’t hosted by Sony. Quite simply because Sony has no PC-based storefront for its PC games. Instead, they’re listed on Steam and the Epic Games Store. Where the companies that make those clients get a cut of the game sales.

A PlayStation PC launcher could allow Sony to exclusively list and sell its first-party games that come to PC. It’s also entirely possible that Sony has no plans to do this. VGC theorizes that Sony may intend to keep the games on other store fronts. But also give players the option to purchase them from a PlayStation launcher as well. Should they choose to.

And that possibility makes a whole lot more sense with another detail that VGC found within the Spider-Man Remastered game files. PSN account linking.

PSN account linking could be on the way to PC as well

Sony may intend to allow players to link their PSN accounts on PC. If this were the case, a PlayStation PC launcher would be the most logical place to do that.

And that could lead to a number of little bonuses for players who choose to go this route. Take trophies, for instance. PSN integration in a PlayStation PC client could include the trophy system with Sony’s first-party games. Allowing players to gather trophies by completing specific tasks within games just like Sony’s PS4 and PS5 consoles.

Account linking could also lead to bonuses that come directly from the studios who develop the game. The same Spider-Man Remastered files that mentioned PSN account linking also mention “PSN linking bonuses.” Also worth noting is that Insomniac may have initially planned to utilize PSN account linking but no longer does.

Alongside Spider-Man Remastered, Sony has launched a few other games on PC. God Of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Days Gone. Sony also plans to release Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Uncharted: Legacy Of Thieves Collection on PC this year.


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