The smartphone is already at the center of our lives and today’s technology. These smart devices that we carry in our pocket are now starting to be used in the detection of diseases. First, the smartphone will be used for stroke symptoms and disease diagnosis.

Smartphones are preparing to serve as a guide in cases of stroke (stroke), where early diagnosis is very important. But how?

How will the smartphone be used for stroke symptoms and diagnosis?

Researchers from Pennsylvania State University and Houston Methodist Hospital met for stroke and stroke symptoms and disease detection. Thanks to this tool, which uses smart phones and machine learning technologies together, doctors will be able to make easier decisions for the diagnosis of stroke.

The tool has focused on the patient’s facial muscle movements and speech ability to diagnose paralysis. This new technology, with its artificial intelligence based on machine learning, compares these symptoms with past disease symptoms and helps the doctor to make the final decision.

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Thanks to this tool, it is aimed to shorten the time to diagnose a long stroke using machine learning. For this, it tries to simulate the first examination process based on the doctor’s experience. This new tool for stroke symptoms is currently working with an accuracy of 79 percent. And he can evaluate a patient in just 4 minutes.

Smartphones, wearable devices have been used more recently in the healthcare industry. It seems that the diagnosis of the disease will become much easier with smartphones and smart devices, especially thanks to devices such as Apple Watch 6, which measure the oxygen rate in the blood.

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