A new smart energy platform is bringing cutting-edge flexibility to EV charging. Credit: Flexitricity

A new smart energy platform is bringing cutting-edge flexibility to EV charging. Credit: Flexitricity

A new charging app will enable consumers to set a ‘ready by time’, enabling their electric vehicle to charge at times when energy demand is low

A new partnership between smart energy platform Flexitricity and electric vehicle (EV) charging firm ev.energy is to deliver an innovative method of smart charging electric cars that should deliver lower prices for motorists and flexibility benefits to the grid, the firms announced today.

By using ev.energy’s smart charging app, EV owners can set a ‘ready by time’ to ensure their car is always ready and fully charged when they need it. The software will help tackle a major challenge with EV charging: that most EV owners come home from work, plug in their car, and start charging immediately during the natural peak in energy consumption, leading to increased pressure on local electricity networks.

In contrast, ev.energy’s smart charging platform and Flexitricity’s automated platform will work together to ensure that the optimal charging strategy is deployed so that the vehicle is fully charged by the requested time, but power is drawn from the grid when demand is at its lowest. The approach delivers much needed flexibility to National Grid ESO and the lowest power prices possible for the consumer, the firms claim.

The smart charging platform will automatically react to real-time electricity price signals, including within the grid Balancing Mechanism, which National Grid ESO uses to balance supply and demand on the electricity system in real time. As a result, the partnership should bring EV charge points into the Balancing Mechanism for the first time – an innovation the firms have hailed as a major milestone for the fast expanding flexible energy market in the UK.

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“Electrification of transport presents both a huge opportunity for suppliers and customers and a challenge for networks. The partnership with ev.energy allows us to take a leap forward in demonstrating how flexible EV charging of the future will look like,” said Andy Lowe, chief commercial officer at Flexitricity.

“This partnership has the potential to revolutionise the way the EV market operates and most importantly it will make a significant impact on our 2050 net carbon zero targets.”

The partnership is the latest in a series of flexible grid innovations from companies across the energy sector, which seek to incentivise households and businesses to curb power demand at times of peak pressure on the grid and shift demand towards periods when renewables output is high.



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