Sky Media to roll out addressable sponsorships

Sky Media has expanded its addressable advertising functionality to sponsorships.

The advertising sales house will allow “Smart Sponsorships” brands to tailor their idents to different audiences using Sky’s third-party data, or an advertisers’ own, first-party customer data. 

This means brands that sponsor a programme or channel can tailor their creative to a household’s location, such as country, county, city, local authority area and even postcode.

For example, a car brand sponsorship could tailor creative using different car models, geography visuals and voiceovers depending on the affluence or life-stage of the household.

Smart Sponsorships effectively uses the same technology as Sky Media’s AdSmart, which has provided addressable advertising solutions for brands to households with Sky and Virgin on more than 100 channels since 2014.

“AdSmart pioneered the use of TV addressability and that same technology will help do the same for sponsorships,” Sky Media advertising capability and strategy director Dev Sangani said.

“With rich data, exciting creative possibilities and trusted and engaging content, this latest innovation in our exciting roadmap will help brands create even more effective partnerships with our shows and channels.”

Sky Media claimed that on average, addressable campaigns on TV have a 48% reduction in tune-away, a 35% increase in engagement and a 10% increase in spontaneous recall.

The technology is also viewed by the TV industry as a game-changer, because it reduces the cost barrier to entry often associated with linear TV advertising.

Sky Media said that in 2021 more than 450 brands came to TV for the first time because of AdSmart, with a return rate of 73%.

In the past year, Sky Media has rolled out CFlight, which measures audiences across linear and VOD to remove duplication, and “shoppable” and “pause” ad formats.


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