As is customary with coupé-styled models, a small price increase is likely over the £30,450 (post-government grant) base price of the standard SUV. Expect the coupé to cost approximately £1000 more. 

Skoda may also consider models tailored for specific countries, such as China, which is by far its biggest market. 

Beyond the intention to grow the Enyaq line-up, Favey said Skoda has no solid plans for its next EV – but that the use of the MEB platform means it will be able to develop new electric cars quicker than traditional combustion-engined models. 

Favey added: “It depends how quickly the EV market grows. The planning [for EVs] is less rigid than we might have in other segments – for example, [the replacement cycle for] the Octavia. We don’t know what demand will be in the EV market, but we think we’ve done our homework.” 

He said that the advent of EVs to the Skoda range should allow the brand to grow its market share in western European markets in which its performance is weaker. Skoda’s biggest markets after China are Germany, the Czech Republic, Russia and Poland. 

“I see EVs as big potential – and not in our typical markets,” said Favey. “In Norway, we have 6% market share, which is more than our European average in a country where everybody is buying an EV and we didn’t have one. Skoda in Norway is extremely excited to get the Enyaq. It gives us a lot of chance to conquer new markets.”

Q&A, Alain Favey, sales and marketing boss, Skoda

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Who do you expect to buy the new Enyaq iV? 

“I think more than half of customers will be new to Skoda. The Enyaq allows us to talk to different kinds of people. I think they will be younger [than our typical customers].” 

You will soon have Octavia and Superb plug-in hybrids. How about smaller PHEVs? 

“It’s a technology that’s still extremely expensive. You need to find a customer base that has the buying power to afford that technology or you lose money, which isn’t an option for us. We’re not interested in going into smaller segments with plugin hybrids knowing people don’t want to buy them.” 

You recently confirmed the Citigo is no more. Does the Fabia still have a future? 

“In countries such as Poland and the Czech Republic, where we’re extremely strong, there’s very strong demand for small affordable cars. And with the estate version of the Fabia, there is little competition. There’s huge demand for it in Germany and elsewhere. The cake is smaller but our share of the cake gets bigger.” 

What are your thoughts about selling cars online? 

“Covid has shown us how important it is to be able to sell cars online. The Skoda UK team is at the forefront of that, piloting online sales, and the launch of this will be rolled out first in the UK. We’ve accelerated our plans in this direction.”


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