Should I buy a diesel, petrol or electric car? – Express

The introduction of new green technology means motorists are now spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding what type of car they want to buy. The best car for you will depend on your individual needs, so read on to find out which type would suit you best – a , or ?


Petrol cars are the most common in the UK for a number of reasons: they are reliable, cheap to fix and run and tick most of the boxes any average motorist would need.

Thanks to the high-revving, responsive engines that produce great sound, petrol-run cars are usually said to provide the best enjoyment when driving.

As well as this, many petrol cars also meet the requirements for low emission zones, unlike their diesel counterparts.

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In some instances, you can get thousands of pounds off the price of a new model.

Range anxiety is a huge issue for many drivers looking to go green, but the number of public charging points has increased rapidly in recent years and continues to rise.

However, the mileage you can get out of an electric car is almost certain to be less than that of petrol and diesel vehicles.

Electric cars are often best suited to city drivers, where there are plenty of charging points – but unless you have access to a rapid charger or an at-home charger, it can take as long as eight hours to recharge your vehicle.

A double-edged sword for electric cars is how quiet they are – while some enjoy the peace of driving an electric vehicle, there has been some apprehension of how safe they are in built-up areas when pedestrians are around due to their near-silent engines.


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