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SharePlay, a feature that allows Apple users to enjoy content together, can be used with Apple Music for collaborative listening and playback.

Apple Music users that want to stream songs with their friends and family need to look no further than SharePlay, a feature that facilitates content sharing across a variety of services. SharePlay was first introduced alongside iOS 15, and was originally limited to use with FaceTime. If an application supported SharePlay and all users had a valid subscription or access to the content, people could watch a concurrent stream while on a FaceTime call. With iOS 16, SharePlay gained iMessage support, making it possible for users to enjoy content synchronously without being on a live FaceTime call.


To get started listening to Apple Music with friends using SharePlay, a few system and compatibility requirements must first be met. Most importantly, users must each have their own subscription to Apple Music to participate in the SharePlay. A single user cannot play music for the entire FaceTime or iMessage group without every member having an Apple Music subscription. Next, make sure that the devices that will be used for the SharePlay are updated to the latest version of iOS and iPadOS, respectively. At the time of writing, that’s iOS 16.2 and iPadOS 16.2 — but check the Settings app to be certain devices are up-to-date.

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Start An Apple Music SharePlay With iMessage Or FaceTime

Apple SharePlay on an iPhone

After everyone’s devices are updated to the latest software version and participants are subscribed to Apple Music, users can begin sharing songs. Pick a singular piece of content on Apple Music to start — this could be a song, album, or playlist — and hold down on it. Once the menu of options appears, tap the ‘SharePlay’ button. A new window will appear allowing users to customize the specifics of the SharePlay, including who will join.

Start typing in the text box to enter the participants’ contact information or phone numbers into the field. Underneath the text field, the SharePlay setup window will show ten of the user’s saved contacts. To add these people to the SharePlay, simply tap their contact icon and continue. After all the participants have been added to the list, tap the green ‘iMessage or ‘FaceTime‘ buttons at the bottom of the screen to start the SharePlay. Tap the ‘Play‘ or ‘Start‘ buttons that appear to begin.

When a SharePlay first starts, the song, album, or playlist used to initiate the SharePlay will begin playing. However, since Apple Music offers a shared queue during SharePlay sessions, each user can add songs to the lists of tracks that are set to play next. To do this, hold down on a song, album, or playlist and tap either the ‘Play Next‘ or ‘Play Last‘ buttons. Each participant, while the SharePlay session is active, can open their Apple Music app to manage playback controls and the upcoming track list.

For users looking to enjoy their favorite songs with friends, SharePlay is a native solution that has deep Apple Music integration.

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Source: Apple Support


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