SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio startup is providing peace of mind for those on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic by way of medical grade equipment as well as job security for those in the electronic and manufacturing industry.

JustAir developed a face mask that is said to offer more protection than a cloth or surgical mask. At first glance it looks like any other face covering, but take a closer look and you’ll notice two tubes and also hear a motor.

“There are actually four points that hold (up) the mask to the face,” Tony Diamond, consultant for JustAir said. “There’s a silicone bridge over the nose that holds it in place and there’s a frame in front of it that also holds the shape of the mask out, which makes it so your mouth doesn’t come in contact with what houses the filtering device.”

Clients like Dentist Philip Miner said it’s the innovative technology that he was drawn to for the special face mask.

“It basically eliminates a lot of the issues as far as contaminants coming in the mask and contaminants going out of the mask,” said Miner, owner of Miner Dental in North San Antonio.

Miner’s job entails him to be feet and sometimes inches away from people’s mouths, increasing his risk of exposure to viruses, including COVID-19.

JustAir image 2.
JustAir image 2. (KSAT)

The mask features two tubes that connect to a blower pack that’s strapped around the client’s waist. The blower pack houses the innovative technology that Miner said also allows him to breathe more easily.

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“The main thing is it keeps me cool, too, and I don’t fog up my scopes,” Miner said.

“JustAir is filtering 99.7% of the pathogens of the exhaled breath as well,” Diamond said. “So, whereas all of the other powered respirators will filter the air going to the air, it does not filter what’s exhaled out into the into the room. JustAir is the only one that actually filters the exhaled air as well as the inhaled air.”

The company, JustAir was created by Dr. Dan Burnett of California and president and CEO of the medical device developing company TheraNova. Local investors made it possible for the startup to make the move to the South.

“The headquarters for operations, production and for shipping is all done right here in San Antonio,” Diamond said.

Nine employees, including interns from UTSA have made possible for production to carry on in San Antonio.

Miner said the mask has provided peace of mind as he works and plans to purchase the product for his staff.

“This device has helped us feel more confident in delivering patient care, being safe for our patients, being safe for our teams and safe for our families ultimately,” Miner said.

The device weighs less than three pounds and costs less than $250.

For more information on the special face mask or to place an order, click here.

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