Samsung Wants To Make Foldables Mainstream & Unpacked Is Going To Show Us How

In its latest earnings report, Samsung showed that it can make money even without selling a ton of smartphones. As its mobile division did suffer in the quarter, due to a number of factors. Like the chip shortage, weaker seasonal demand and COVID-related closures at some of its factories. Samsung’s earnings still went up by around 20-percent.

But that’s not the news here. As Samsung actually let us in on what they are planning to do at Unpacked next month. And that is making foldables mainstream. Samsung stated that it wants to “solidify its leadership in the premium statement by mainstreaming the foldable category.”

And that’s set to become a reality when it unveils the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 at Unpacked on August 11. That is, if the rumors are correct. And they typically are. Not to mention the fact that Samsung has already confirmed that the Galaxy Note will be a no-show this year.

Samsung also confirmed it is working on under-screen camera technology

This doesn’t come as a huge surprise, or at least it shouldn’t. But Samsung also revealed that it is working on under-screen camera technology. This is a pretty new technology, and really only one company has released a phone with it. And that is ZTE. From the early reviews, it’s not good.

Under-screen cameras are the last obstacle in the way of a bezel-less display. Currently, we have it down to either a small notch or a hole-punch. But if we can get the camera under the screen, it’ll mean more screen in a smaller footprint. But there are challenges with that, as we’ve seen with ZTE. As companies still need to make that front-facing camera usable, and that will take some time to work out.

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Don’t be surprised if you don’t see an under-screen camera from a Samsung smartphone in the next year or two. As the technology is nowhere near ready.


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