For those of you who remember, Samsung Galaxy Labs, the application that includes several modules to analyse your smartphone and make it perform better, it has now been updated with two new modules (as reported by Android Police). Memory Guardian is the new module that lets you see what apps are using the RAM in your smartphone. You can clear applications to free some memory and see a chart of historic usage so you can keep a better track. It also breaks down how the RAM is divided by the system, running apps and cache process.

Another new module is the Thermal Guardian that aims to keep the device cooled down using some nifty features. It has a thermal threshold slider that lets you adjust when the handset starts to throttle performance. If you drag the slider to the far left, the smartphone will give you an alert stating that it will start throttling 2-degrees before it usually would. Sliding it to the right will raise that threshold by 2-degrees. In addition, it is possible to tap the indicated points on the temperature chart to see why the handset is getting warm.

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Some other modules have been updated as well. The Battery Guardian now has new features, which includes a Screen Power Saving option for each app to dim the display when you aren’t using the handset. There is also power save feature during bedtime that restricts performance while you’re asleep and limits the background activity or CPU usage for better battery life.

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The Battery Tracker has received a small visual refresh that now shows a 7-day chart for your screen-on-time, just like the 24 hour chart.



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