Samsung To Update SmartThings With Several New Features

Samsung is preparing a major update for its smart home platform, SmartThings. According to SamMobile, the new version of the SmartThings app will roll out in the “coming months” with plenty of new features and enhancements in tow.

To start with, the updated SmartThings app will add support for Android 13 as well as Samsung’s One UI 5.0 custom software. That’s an expected change since the new versions of Google’s operating system and the Korean firm’s custom software are just around the corner. On that note, the app will also add support for upcoming Samsung devices. These include the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 foldables, which we are expecting to go official next month.

Samsung will also upgrade the Android target API level from 30 to 31 with the new version of the SmartThings app, the report says. The publication further confirmed that the app gain Multi-Window support with this upcoming release. New devices will support window resizing as well.

Additionally, SmartThings is gaining support for Philips Hue Sync this year. This feature allows you to sync your Hue smart lights with the content playing on the TV. As such, the lights will brighten, flash, or dim based on the ongoing action on TV, allowing for a more immersive watching experience.

Samsung is also developing a Gentle wakeup routine for SmartThings. As the name suggests, it will gently wake you up in the morning by gradually brightening the lights to imitate the sunrise. This will ensure that you aren’t abruptly woken up from a deep sleep.

The SmartThings app may also see subtle UI and aesthetic changes with the upcoming update. Of course, there will be some bug fixes in tow as well. Unfortunately, there’s no concrete info on when this update may start rolling out. The report speculates it could arrive shortly after the new foldables go on sale in late August. We will keep you posted.

Samsung prepares another major update for SmartThings

SmartThings has grown into one of the world’s largest smart home platforms over the years. Founded in 2012 and acquired by Samsung in 2014, the platform now boasts more than 62 million users globally. It supports all popular IoT (Internet of Things) protocols, including Zigbee, Z-Wave, and the upcoming Matter standard.

Samsung regularly updates the platform to add new features and enhance its functionality. The company now appears to be preparing another major update for it. We will let you know when the rollout begins.


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