Samsung is one of the first smartphone brands to embrace the foldable design. It has already a small portfolio of foldable phones. If recent reports are believed, Samsung will make extra efforts in 2021 to push foldable phones. A new report reveals the company will release at least three foldable phones next year.

According to UBI Research (via GSMArena,, Samsung will offer Galaxy Z Flip 2, Galaxy Z Fold 3, and a new Galaxy Z Fold Lite. The report further said that all three models would use ultra-thin glass as cover windows.

The pick of the lot is going to be Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 which could debut with an under-display selfie camera. The display size will reduce to 7-inch from 7.6-inch. The secondary display will be a 4-inch. As the specs suggest, it’d be smaller than the current-gen. The device would also come with stylus support.

The report further says Galaxy Z Flip 2 would feature a 6.7-inch internal display and a 3-inch external display. According to the report, the internal screen size will remain the same as the first Galaxy Z Flip. The external display, however, will increase from the 1.1-inch of the original Flip. The phone will not feature hole-display design.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Lite could have the same display specs as the main version but will skip features such as under-display camera and specifications.

The new leak is pretty much in line with what is known and speculated about Samsung’s foldable phones. As said earlier, Samsung is going to double down on foldable phones and may even sacrifice its iconic Galaxy Note series. Interestingly, Samsung will reportedly add support for the stylus on Galaxy S21 series.

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