Galaxy Note 20

A report from the South Korean website Naver points to the next Samsung Galaxy Note costing less than expected. The article quantifies this and explains it believes the device will start at KRW 1.2million, approximately $999, which is less than the Galaxy Note 10’s South Korean launch price of KRW 1.25million.

The paper goes on to highlight it believes the launch price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra could be KRW 1.45million, compared with the KRW 1.5million of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus launched in 2019. If this is true, and if Samsung take a similar decision for other markets around the world, we could be seeing the Galaxy Note 20 launch at the $950 point in the American market, with the Note 20 Ultra costing another $100.

Samsung has traditionally increased the price of its flagship devices year on year, both the S-series smartphone released in the first half and the Note series released in the second half. The Note encompasses the main features and benefits of the earlier S-series, but introduces some additional special Samsung sauce together with the S-Pen, often making it one of the best devices that year. For 2020, Samsung is set to unveil the new Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra at its first virtual Unpacked event on August 5, with the devices expected to be on sale later in the month.

This hints as to why Samsung may be reducing the price of the Note model for 2020: the virtual Unpacked event is in response to the global pandemic. The Naver article states that Samsung is expecting less demand for the Note family this year because of the uncertain economic outlook associated with the coronavirus pandemic.

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Samsung, together with Apple, are leading manufacturers of smartphones across many of the world’s markets. If Samsung were to announce a reduction in price for a newer generation phone, this could reverse the trend of ever-increasing smartphone prices and perhaps fuel increased demand for cheaper devices.

Source: Android Central

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