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About two months ago, Samsung unveiled not one but two new 4K smart projectors. Both fall under The Premiere moniker and look very similar to one another. While many details were shared at that time, pricing and a release date were not among them. Surprisingly, the Samsung Premiere Smart Projector lineup is suddenly now available for order, and the cost for the high-end model is about as high as one would expect, with the base offering clocking in at a lower and much more reasonable price. Continue reading to learn more.

The Samsung Premiere Smart Projector could replace your TV

Like it or not, having technology that blends well in its surroundings tends to look best in the modern era. In nearly every lifestyle product image you see, there are very few items cluttering up the given space. I am drawn to this look and try to embrace products that fade into the background and don’t garner much attention.

This is an area where the new Samsung Premiere Smart Projector lineup can thrive. It takes up a small amount of space while creating a 120- to 130-inch picture on demand. The entry-level LSP7T model offers up 2200 lumens of brightness while the more premium LSP9T dials things up with 2800 lumens.

Inputs are similar on both units, with three HDMI, Optical Audio, Ethernet, and more. This provides plenty of ways to hook up your favorite streaming media player, next-generation console, and the list goes on. No matter what you plug in, Premiere projectors are ready to display it at 4K with HDR10+ support.

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Pricing and availability

While the base 120-inch LSP7T Samsung Premiere Smart Projector lands at a reasonable $3,499.99, the same cannot be said for the more premium solution. At $6,499.99, Samsung’s top-of-the-line Premiere projector dwarfs the price found in its entry-level companion. Both are available for order now with shipment dates slated for as soon as October 26.

9to5Toys’ Take

Having used projectors for many years, I consider myself to be a firm believer in the technology. They can often deliver a picture so large that televisions can rarely compete. Like VAVA’s competing solution, the new Samsung Premiere smart projectors offer up an incredibly-large 4K picture without needing much surface area at all.

Even better, this style of projector largely mimics the look of a smart speaker, helping them to better blend with surroundings and take the large physical display out of the picture. I am a huge fan but will warn you that the 2200 and 2800 lumen counts are not likely to be as bright as most televisions.

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