Despite smartphone brands ramping up the storage capacity of devices, Google Photos is an app that most people rely on to make space. However, it seems like some Samsung users are facing a problem with Google Photos. According to a report by Android Police, Samsung’s motion photos format is not being saved on Google Photos. What motion photos does is that it enhances still images by adding a video or audio clip, every time a photo is clicked in this particular mode.
The report states that motion photos saved in Google Photos is giving the video and audio a complete miss. While Samsung’s motion photos feature has been around for some time, Google Photos started supporting it last year only.
On Google Photos’ Support Forum, a user pointed out this bug. In the post, the user said, “After Samsung added the feature of sound to motion pictures included on the OneUI 2.5 update, the motion photos are not showing up in Google Photos and, by consequence, not being backed up to the cloud.The pictures are showing fine but, just the live pictures stopped to work.”
Following this post, several other users chimed in and said that they were facing the same problem. A user said that he was facing the issue on his Samsung Galaxy S10+ while another had the problem on Galaxy Note 10.
Neither Google nor Samsung has made an official comment about this problem. It’s not clear what may be causing this bug to pop up but some Samsung users’ photos in this particular format aren’t being backed up or saved in Google Photos.

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