Samsung is currently the only smartphone camera maker that provides a massive 108MP camera. And the company is might be working on yet another high-resolution smartphone camera sensor to beat its own record and it is likely to be the world’s first 150MP camera, which will be featured on an upcoming Xiaomi smartphone.

Samsung Might Be Working On 1-inch 150MP Smartphone Camera Sensor

According to the leak, the upcoming 150MP smartphone camera sensor from Samsung will be the biggest sensor (physical size) and is expected to a 1-inch sensor, much bigger than the 1/1.2-inch sensor used on the Nokia 808 Pureview.

Just like the 108MP sensor on the Galaxy S20 Ultra, the upcoming 150MP sensor will use nonacell pixel-binning technology to effectively combine 9 pixels into one that results in native 16MP images.

Likely to Debut With A Xiaomi Smartphone

Just like the 108MP camera sensor on the Mi MIX Alpha or the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, the upcoming 150MP camera is likely to debut with the next-generation Mi MIX series of smartphones. Similarly, OEMs like Vivo and Oppo are likely to adapt to this camera sensor as well. We can expect the launch of the first smartphone with a 150MP camera sensor by Q4 2020 and is likely to go mainstream in 2021.

What’s The Use Of 150MP Camera Sensor?

A higher resolution camera sensor may not always take a better picture compared to a lower resolution camera sensor. However, considering the sensor size, it will be able to capture more light, which will result in improved low-light and night light photography. Similarly, it can offer features like native 8K recording as well

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Just like the 108MP camera sensor, the 150MP camera sensor will also be an expensive one, and the phone bearing the sensor is likely to cost a bit more than the competition with a similar specification. Considering this trend, Samsung is likely to announce a higher resolution (more than 150MP) smartphone cameras as well.


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