Samsung launches Reserve promotion ahead of Unpacked event – ZDNet

Ahead of Samsung’s Unpacked event, the tech giant has launched a campaign to gauge consumer interest in the latest flagship Galaxy devices — and one that allows consumers to earn credits if they register their interest. 

Between January 10 and February 1, US customers can go to Samsung’s website or the Shop Samsung App to register their interest in a new Samsung Galaxy smartphone, a Galaxy book, or both, to secure up to $100 in Samsung Credit. 

If you reserve a product, you can take advantage of $50 in Samsung Credit for one device, or $100 in Samsung Credit when you show interest in two devices. You must provide your first name, last name, and email address, although a phone number is optional. 

It’s important to note that registering your interest does not bind you to the purchase.  

As a result, if you like the look of the new Galaxy devices set to be on show, you win either way — reserve your devices, purchase, and enjoy the free credit, or choose not to go ahead and lose nothing. The credit amount can be redeemed once pre-orders are open.

However, there is a caveat: according to Samsung’s small print, the credits — or “reservation gift” — won’t apply to the new devices. Instead, Samsung says the credit “must be used at the time of pre-order purchase towards purchasing additional eligible products on, or in the Shop Samsung App. Any remaining balance not used during the pre-order purchase is lost.”

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On February 1, for the first time in three years due to the pandemic, Samsung will hold an in-person Unpacked event in San Francisco. 

We expect the tech giant to announce the Samsung Galaxy S23, the latest device in Samsung’s flagship smartphone range, and we may also see new laptops or tablets. 

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