Samsung has unveiled the follow-up to the Galaxy Fold, and the new Galaxy Z Fold 2 brings a lot more than an extra letter and number to the table.

The company has revamped the foldable phone’s design to deliver larger displays both inside and out, along with new punch-hole selfie cameras, new colours, and tweaks across the rest of the specs to boot.

Of course, the Z is borrowed from the separate Galaxy Z Flip (itself getting a new 5G variant soon) which has a smaller form factor than the tablet-style Fold.

When is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 coming out?

Samsung may have revealed the Z Fold 2, but it isn’t quite ready yet to reveal when it will officially hit stores. That’s despite the fact that it revealed the Fold 2 alongside the Galaxy Note 20 line, which is already available to order.

The company has at least confirmed that it will reveal more information on 1 September, and says that this is also the day that pre-orders will launch.

If you want to make sure you’re the first to find out more, UK readers can pre-register on Samsung’s official site right now, while those in the US can actually reserve a phone right now direct from the site – though note that this isn’t strictly a pre-order, and you won’t be putting any money down for it just yet.

How much will the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 cost?

We also don’t know the price of the Z Fold 2, but we’re guessing it won’t come cheap..

The original Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G is currently available for £1900/$1980 and other manufacturers’ foldables – from the Huawei Mate X/Mate Xs to the Motorola Razr – all also carry a premium, considering what they bring to the table, besides their folding designs.

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A report from Korean news site ETNews suggest it’ll retail for $1,990 – that’s $10 more than its predecessor, not to mention it won’t apparently include a pair of TWS Galaxy Buds, as its predecessor did.

On the other hand, if the more competitive pricing of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is anything to go by, not to mention the lessons learnt from research and development on the original Fold (and it’s well-documented launch issues), this new Fold could hopefully come in at a slightly lower starting price.

What will the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 look like?

In broad strokes the Z Fold 2 looks a lot like the original Fold, but there’s some undeniable polish and improvements across the board, giving it bigger screens despite making the whole phone thinner than last year’s at just 6mm when open.

The biggest changes are to the displays. The front screen is now a 6.2in panel that covers the whole front of the phone while it’s closed, interrupted only by a small pinhole selfie camera – a big upgrade from the small screen found on the first Fold.

Inside things are different too. The 7.6in folding AMOLED panel uses the same ultra-thin glass finish as the Z Flip 2, is slightly bigger than before, and has also lost the ugly corner notch. Instead it also boasts a small pinhole camera, positioned at the centre of the right-hand side of the display – so it will be off-centre when the Fold 2 is fully opened.

The hinge has also been upgraded to match the Z Flip’s, allowing the Z Fold 2 to sit open at any angle, rather than only at fixed points.

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The Z Fold 2 is available in two finishes – Mystic Bronze and Mystic Black – but comes with another unique twist. If you order from Samsung’s own website you’ll also be able to customise the colour of the hinge to contrast with the rest of the body according to leaker Max Weinbach.

Samsung has also confirmed that there will be a collaboration with New York fashion house Thom Browne for a limited edition version of the phone.

What are the Z Fold 2 specs?

Samsung has avoided revealing too many concrete Z Fold 2 specs just yet, though confirmed highlights include 5G support and a 120Hz refresh rate.

Based on months of leaks we at least have a pretty good idea of what we expect the phone’s internals to look like, though remember that many of these details haven’t been confirmed:

  • Internal (primary) display: 7.59in (2213×1689), 120Hz, LTPO AMOLED w/ 372ppi
  • External (secondary) display: Size: 6.23in (2267×819), 60Hz, LTPO AMOLED
  • Primary camera setup: 12Mp/16Mp/12Mp w/ dual optical image stabilisation (OIS)
  • Both front-facing cameras: 10Mp (each)
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ or Samsung Exynos 990 processor (market dependant)
  • 12GB RAM
  • 256GB storage (UFS 3.0)
  • No microSD expandability
  • USB 3.1, USB-C
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 5G
  • 4,500mAh battery
  • 25W fast charging, 11W fast wireless charging, 11W reverse wireless charging
  • No headphone jack
  • 6mm thin when open
  • 279g

Highlights include the new Snapdragon 865+ processor and high refresh rate 120Hz display, as you’d expect from a new flagship. 25W fast charging is a little slower than the competition, but wireless charging helps.

The rear camera specs look similar to the previous Fold on paper, lacking the 64Mp and 108Mp telephoto lenses that Samsung has pushed on the S20 and Note 20 phones. Still, with a main lens, ultrawide, and telephoto you should be able to get some great shots out of the new Fold.

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We had initially expected S-Pen stylus support on the Z Fold 2, similar to that found on the Galaxy Note phones, but Samsung has decided to omit the S-Pen – reportedly because the UTG display isn’t scratch-resistant enough to survive long-term stylus use without picking up nicks and scratches.



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