According to a report by SamMobile, a new device from Samsung called Galaxy Smart Tag with model number EI-T5300 has bagged the Indonesian Telecom Certification.

This is not the first time the South Korean OEM is working on such a project. Previously, it has unveiled the SmartThings Find feature during the launch of Galaxy Note 20 series devices this year.

The new SmartThings app showcases the compatibility of the new app with more Galaxy products. Notably, the app lets you track all of your connected Galaxy products with accuracy.

Users who are clumsy and have a habit of misplacing things would find this new Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag pretty useful. It will help them conveniently locate any object, in case they lose them.

Samsung already has an LTE-enabled tracker under SmartThings branding. So, it seems like the company would implement the SmartThings Find feature inside the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag device tracker.

Smart object trackers usually come with Bluetooth connectivity. However, this also limits the range over which you can track your objects.

There is a good possibility that Samsung could add more connectivity features inside the Galaxy Smart Tag. For instance, we could see connectivity features such as UWB (Ultra-Wideband), LTE, and GPS features.

Using Galaxy Smart Tag, you could keep the trackers in things like your wallet or keys

Tipster Mukul Sharma shared the Indonesian Telecom Certification of Galaxy Smart Tag. Apparently, the listing does not reveal much apart from the device name, model number, and some other info.

With the Smart Tag, users could keep the trackers in things like wallets or car keys, which are some objects that we easily misplace several times in a day.

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Galaxy Smart Tag is meant to offer similar functionality as the Tile tracker. Meaning that you can place these Tile Tracker to any object to know at all times where that item is.

We speculate this Samsung tile tracker would make a sound or a beep to help the user locate the device if it is in proximity.

While the Samsung SmartThings Find service, announced back in October, helps you locate devices such as smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches, or each individual earbud, you can use these Tag Tile-tracker to locate any object including keys, remotes, etc.

Not only Samsung, but Apple has also been working on Tile-trackers called AirTag. But there is no info on when Apple plans to launch its Bluetooth-based tracker.

It seems like Samsung is planning to tread a similar path and may launch its product sooner than Apple.

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