These days, even quite budget friendly smartphones pack a bundle of camera lenses, and the Galaxy A51 is no exception. In the chunky rectangular housing you’ll find a 48MP primary lens, plus a 12MP Ultra Wide Angle lens, a 5MP macro camera and a 5MP depth sensor.

In hardware terms the A51 is certainly fully loaded, although the results are rather mixed. If the lighting conditions are good then you generally get sharp pics packed with detail, although moving subjects usually come out blurry. HDR conditions are a pitfall too, with bright skies often appearing washed out.

Samsung has at least added a night mode to cope with low light conditions, and while this feature is outclassed by rivals such as Honor and Motorola, it does help to brighten up your shots when needed.

Still, the portrait mode works a charm and that macro lens can capture very fine details from a distance of just a couple of inches. No complaints with the video output either, as those 4K home movies look sharp and colourful. Samsung’s Super Steady mode returns for the Galaxy A51 and still works well, while you can even shoot Ultra HD video using the front-facing selfie camera.

Samsung Galaxy A51 image gallery


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