Samsung Electronics has recently applied for the registration of “Samsung Quantum Mini LED” as a new trademark.

Samsung Electronics has recently applied for the registration of a trademark related to mini-LED TVs, which are expected to be the company’s new premium product in 2021.

The trademark it has applied to register is “Samsung Quantum Mini LED.” According to the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), Samsung Electronics made the application together with Samsung C&T. The company suggested using the trademark for televisions and television display apparatuses.

Industry insiders speculate that Samsung Electronics will release a new mini-LED TV. They believe that Samsung Electronics has been developing mini-LED TVs as a new premium TV lineup.

Mini-LED TVs are a kind of LCD TVs that use LEDs of 100 to 200 mm in size as a light source. These LEDs are smaller than backlights used in conventional LCD TVs, so a mini-LED TV can use a larger number of LEDs than that of backlights in LCD TVs. As a result, they offer brighter and clearer images that LCD TVs.

A mini-LED TV is expected to have 8,000 to 20,000 LEDs. While it takes more time and cost to produce a mini-LED TV than an LCD TV, a mini-LED TV is more competitive than an OLED TV in terms of price.

Market research firm TrendForce also predicted that Samsung Electronics will ship about 2 million units per year, with global mini-LED TV shipments expected to reach 4.4 million units by 2021. Samsung Electronics is expected to launch four mini-LED TV models ranging from 55 inches to 65, 76 and 85 inches.


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