Among the various tasks listed on the disinfect to-do list in these COVID times, cleaning your smartphones is a primary one. Alcohol-based sanitisers are the ones generally being recommended to wipe away the germs from smartphone surfaces. Tech giant Samsung seems to have gone one step ahead and developed a novel device that can disinfect not just your smartphones but smartwatches and even earbuds and charging them at the same time, as per a report by SamMobile. The device has been launched in Thailand with the name of “UV Sterilizer”.

The gadget is priced at 1,590 Baht (about Rs 3,869) and only one variant–White– has been unveiled so far. The Samsung gadget, besides charging and disinfecting other gadgets, can also clean your sunglasses, claims the report. The gadget has been designed as a case with a lid and measures about 228mm x 128mm x 49mm.

As per a Samsung product page description, the device name is ITFIT UV Sterilizer. It weighs about 369 gm. The UV sterilizer comes with dual UV lamps for sterilisation and can accommodate a smartphone of the size of a Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphone. Besides charging and disinfecting your smartphone, the device can also charge and disinfect a pair of earbuds and smartwatch. Samsung claims that the gadget continues to charge even after the UV sterilisation is turned off. It also claims that ITFIT UV sterilizer can effectively kill up to 99% of bacteria within 10 minutes of sterilisation.


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