In the past, we reviewed the two capture cards from j5create – the JVA02, which is a simple capture card – and also the JVA04 which has 4K 60fps monitoring with a low-latency pass-through HDMI. Then now comes the JVA06. This capture card is definitely not for everyone because as you can see here – it’s more for production purposes.

j5create JVA06

The buttons look daunting at first but in today’s review – we explain everything regarding this capture card and also how it works – alongside with some demonstration.

The j5create JVA06 is definitely a capture card that is more suited for those who are in the professional production industry and wants something integrated. It is indeed an all-in-one solution with picture-in-picture mode and also built-in chroma keying.

And if you already need something like this, then the price of about RM699 shouldn’t matter to you. It’s a solution that I don’t think anyone else is offering.

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