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The HONOR Router 3 was just announced, and here is our review.

HARDWARE 41mm x 242mm x 152mm ( H x W x D)WAN x1 (100/1000Mbps), LAN x3 (100/1000Mbps) 
CPU: Gigahome dual-core 1.2 GHz 
RAM/Flash: 128MB DRAM/128MB Nand Flash
WIRELESS 4 External Antennas
Frequency band (W): 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz dual-band
2.4GHz Wi-Fi     2×2 MIMO 
(Supports 802.11b/g/n/ax (maximum speed up to 574 Mbps)
5GHz Wi-Fi     2×2 MIMO 
(Supports 802.11b/g/n/ax (maximum speed up to 2402 Mbps)
Supports simultaneous dual-band 
(11ax 2.4 GHz 574 Mbps and 11ax 5 GHz 2402 Mbps Wi-Fi, wireless rates up to 2976 Mbps)
Features •Wi-Fi 6+
•Huawei HiLink
•Dual-band auto selection
•MESH network with ”Hi Button”
SECURITY •Anti-brute Force
•Firewall security management
•DoS security management
AI Life App •Bandwidth Control
•Parental Controls
•One-Click Remove Unauthorised Device
•Schedule Wi-Fi Access
•Indicator Lights
•Wi-Fi Management
•Guest Wi-Fi

The box contains the Router 3, a manual, power supply and Ethernet cable.

Every change and monitoring option can be controlled using the AI Life app.

The first thing you notice about the HONOR Router 3 is that it is quite small and thin. This means that you can place it just about anywhere in the house and it won’t stand out and look out of place.

The four antennas pop up into place and design of the router is very minimalist.

There are four ports on the rear of the router – one WAN and three LAN. The only other thing on the router is the H button on the top. Three ports doesn’t feel like enough in this modern age, but it is easy to expand your network with additional Router 3’s as required.

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Setting up the Router 3 for the first time is very easy – connect the WAN port to your existing router or modem, connect your phone or laptop to the Router 3’s network, open a browser and follow the instructions. You need to set up a new Wi-Fi name and passwords and you also have the option to prioritise 5 GHz over 2.4 GHz when the signal strength is equal, which should increase your connection speeds. And that’s it – you can now use the Router 3 as your Wi-Fi device.

All the configuration options you could possibly want and need are controlled from the AI Life app. It’s very simple and intuitive to use and within a few minutes you can make whatever changes you want and need and they will be live.

There is an indicator on the front of the router that makes it easy to see the status of the router too.

I found the connection speed around various parts of the house were very good, and I had a stronger signal in some places than I had with my previous router. I also found that the connection was more stable too! When I used an HONOR 9X PRO handset the experience was even better.

Overall, the HONOR Router 3 is a really great device at a very good price, and don’t let the fact it only has 3 ports on the back put you off, it will be easy to connect another router to it and expand your home network as you need to!

The HONOR Router 3 is available to order now priced £79.99, and you can learn more from the HONOR website.


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