We have a brand new microphone sent over to us about a month ago. This is the Fifine K690 – it’s actually an interesting microphone as it has a lot of features built-in. But, does it sound good?

Again, this review is going to be focused entirely on the video side of things because that’s the most effective way to review a microphone. How can we type out the exact way of how a microphone sounds, anyway?

We have to clarify, though – the audio coming out of the usual voiceover microphone is heavily edited whereby the audio from the Fifine K690 is unedited.

While editing the video, we realized that the Fifine K690 does indeed have a specific setup to get optimal sound. Putting it on the table at a certain distance – like what we did in the video – is going to affect the sound quality.

Fifine K690

Despite both microphones being in a cardioid pickup pattern, the Fifine K690 is required to be placed at a rather close to the mouth for optimal sound quality. Adjusting the audio gain does help, but that means the noise floor will be higher as well.

Fifine K690

All in all, for RM299 right now at Lazada, the Fifine K690 is actually pretty good despite a few of its flaws. We’re looking forward to the next condenser microphone from Fifine that has a USB-C port instead of mini USB – which makes more sense for a multi-pickup-pattern microphone.

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