Reverse Image Search is a technique that uses images instead of words to find out more about it. We usually type words into Google to find out things, but most of the time we search with pictures to find out if a news item is wrong or a picture is fake. So, if you want to get the original source of any picture or a similar picture, then the Reverse Image Search is a good tool. If you have seen an image online and want to know more about it then you can find out all about it via Google by pasting the image or image URL. Let’s take a look at how to do Google reverse image search on smartphones & Desktop. This is not a difficult task to do.

How To Do Reverse Image Search On Smartphone & Desktop

How To Do Reverse Image Search On Desktop & Smartphone

To do a Reverse Image Search on desktop, first go to images.google.com. then click on the camera icon. After that, you need to upload the image or paste the URL of the image. Then click on the search button and Google will show you a picture similar to the one you uploaded or where the source and image were used.

You can do this on your smartphone, but this is a little different. However, there are many ways to search Google reverse image on the smartphones. If you are looking at a picture on the chrome and you want to know more about it, then by tapping the picture and clicking search on Google option you will get more info.

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You can upload any URL or image like desktop and do Reverse Image Search on a smartphone as well. For that, you need to first go to images.google.com in the same way. After clicking on the image option above, go to the side and click on the option desktop site. Then you have to search by uploading the URL or image in the same way as on desktop.

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