Dear all,

Here is my terrible experience with Apple, do not do the same mistake as I did :

I bought an iPhone 12 Pro which I received end of November.
I noticed it was faulty so I decided to return it. I didn’t have other options but to send it back as all the Apple store are closed due to COVID – it was end of a December so barely a month after receiving it.

APPLE sent me a prepaid box (Royal Mail) in which I had to put the phone to send it back to them.
At this point, 2 important things :
Return label clearly indicates it goes to APPLE (is it a good idea APPLE ? Knowing the value of your products)
You have to remove your SIM card (as per APPLE instructions) – Insurance doesn’t apply to lost phone which doesn’t have SIM card in it (which of course I didn’t know when I sent it back).

So I sent my brand new iPhone 12 Pro trusting APPLE for insuring it’s returned product.

Royal Mail “lost” my package. I raised the issue with Apple who told me they would find a solution.
They came back to me a few days later to tell me “It has been decided not to replace your phone”, that I had to check with my insurance if they can cover that (no insurance covers that).

So basically, Apple sent me a faulty phone which I had to send back.
I was not able to insure the package with Royal Mail as it was already prepaid by Apple.
Royal Mail “lost” my iPhone 12 Pro.
Apple refused to replace it.

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I’m left with no solution at all and I don’t know what to do….




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