Lu Weibing, Redmi’s General Manager in China, posted on China-based website Weibo what seems like a teaser, for a new Redmi phone to counter the iPhone 12 mini. He stated, “Redmi wants to produce a mini, but the battery capacity/life will be sacrificed a lot…”. It might be possible his post does not tease a new upcoming smartphone, but it might as well mean the China-based company is actively trying to figure out how to make a good compact phone without sacrificing battery life.

Actually, making a small phone with great battery life can be a challenging task, and manufacturers need to opt in for small components even in the camera and loudspeaker departments. It seems that Apple has figured out how to make the iPhone 12 mini experience good, although we have to see for ourselves when we get to test it, still, its battery is smaller than the battery cells of the rest of the iPhone 12 series.

We don’t have other information about the alleged compact Redmi at the moment.


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