During the pandemic, many businesses have discovered that they can operate remotely nearly as well as (and perhaps, in some cases, even better than) before. It seems highly likely that after all this is over, some fraction of the work force will continue working from home. Will this be 10%, 25%, 40%? No one knows. But the answer to this question will significantly impact traffic around Portland. Of course, in the early phases of reopening, traffic will likely be worse than before, as people will be less likely to use ride-sharing and public transportation, but after there is a vaccine and people feel safe, traffic should drop to a lower level than we had before the outbreak.

If there are 40% (or even 25%) fewer cars on the road, do we really need some of the road projects that are being discussed? Wouldn’t it be prudent to wait and see how this all turns out before investing billions in a problem that might solve itself? 

I. David Reingold, Portland


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