Read Along

Stuck at home with your kids? Struggling to make time to listen to them read? Well Google are giving early access to a new app that might be perfect for you.

Read Along by Google is aimed at children 5+ years old and uses Google’s speech recognition software to listen to the child read a book out loud. It was first released in India and after glowing reports it is now available in 180 territories around the world. It has a collection of books and games from around the world and allows kids to collect stars and badges as they learn. They receive encouragement from Diya (the in-app reading buddy) and can ask her to read out a word for them if they are struggling.

Do you have more than one kid that might want to use the app? No problem. Read Along allows multiple profiles on one account.

Security wise Google has put some thought in. Once the app is downloaded no access to wifi is needed. There are also no in-app purchases so no need to worry about huge bills being run up whilst your kids are learning!

The app is early access and Google point out in the PlayStore that the software may be unstable. It has over 1 million downloads already so it might be the most popular beta ever? Google are a big player in the education world so this use of their own speech recognition software seems like a great idea.

Download Read Along by Google here

Source: Google Blog

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