Rainbow Six Extraction launch times detailed

Rainbow Six Extraction TakedownSource: Ubisoft Entertainment SA

Ubisoft embarks on a cooperative adventure with Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction, spinning its hit tactical series into a new sci-fi shooter. The project translates 18 beloved Operators from its competitive predecessor, Rainbow Six Siege, now tasked with tackling a parasite sweeping the nation. Equipped with new and returning gadgetry, players complete their assigned objectives, tackling alien forms blocking their path.

Rainbow Six Extraction hits consoles and PC this week, with Ubisoft detailing release plans. The publisher has committed to release times across the globe, coupled with details on preloads and expected downloads. Here’s what we know about Rainbow Six Extraction’s launch, including when players can get hands-on and details on downloads.

Rainbow Six Extraction release date

Rainbow Six Extraction launches on Jan. 20, 2021, for console and PC. The title hits Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PlayStation 5, with upgrades on these new systems, with availability extending to older Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. The game is also available on PC, via Ubisoft Connect and the Epic Games Store, plus Google Stadia and Amazon Luna cloud streaming.

Rainbow Six Extraction launch times explained

Rainbow Six Extraction Launch TimesSource: Ubisoft Entertainment SA

Ubisoft has outlined Rainbow Six Extraction launch times via a post to the Rainbow Six Extraction blog, detailing a three-stage rollout spanning multiple continents. The game launches on or around midnight for most players, although timings will vary for those bucketed in larger regions.

The title first launches via Asia and Oceania from 12 a.m. AEDT, followed by a midnight CET launch for Europe and the Middle East, while American regions see the game unlock at 12 a.m. in their local time zone. Amazon Luna is the only platform diverging from the pack, with a simultaneous 12 a.m. ET / 9 p.m. PT launch across the U.S.

The full list of Rainbow Six Extraction launch times follows for Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and other cloud-based gaming platforms across the globe, according to Ubisoft’s official timings.

Platform The Americas Europe & Middle East Asia & Oceania
PC (Ubisoft Connect) Jan. 20 @ 12 AM ET / 12 AM PT Jan. 20 @ 12 AM CET, Jan. 19 @ 11 PM GMT Jan. 20 @ 12 AM AEDT
PC (Epic Games) Jan. 20 @ 12 AM ET / 12 AM PT Jan. 20 @ 12 AM CET, Jan. 19 @ 11 PM GMT Jan. 20 @ 12 AM AEDT
Xbox Jan. 20 @ 12 AM ET / 12 AM PT Jan. 20 @ 12 AM CET, Jan. 19 @ 11 PM GMT Jan. 20 @ 12 AM AEDT
PlayStation Jan. 20 @ 12 AM ET / 12 AM PT Jan. 20 @ 12 AM CET, Jan. 19 @ 11 PM GMT Jan. 20 @ 12 AM AEDT
Stadia Jan. 20 @ 12 AM ET / 12 AM PT Jan. 20 @ 12 AM CET, Jan. 19 @ 11 PM GMT Jan. 20 @ 12 AM AEDT
Amazon Luna Jan. 20 @ 12 AM ET, Jan. 19 @ 9 PM PT N/A N/A

What is Rainbow Six Extraction?

Rainbow Six ExtractionSource: Ubisoft Entertainment SA

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction is the latest tactical shooter from Ubisoft, capitalizing on previous success with its competitive multiplayer title, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. Extraction takes cues from Operation Chimera and its accompanying Outbreak event, a limited-time mode introduced within Rainbow Six Siege, geared around three-player cooperative missions. That 2018 mode spurred development on a full-fledged spin-off, once presented as Rainbow Six Quarantine, and later named Rainbow Six Extraction.

Rainbow Six Extraction takes players on missions through the U.S. during the spread of a mysterious alien parasite. The epidemic results in aliens known as Archaeans, taking shape in various hostile forms, with Team Rainbow deployed to neutralize the threat. The game features 18 returning Operators from Rainbow Six Siege, some boasting the same weapons and gadgets, with others switching out gear to combat alien forms.

Missions occur across New Mexico, New York City, San Francisco, and Alaska, fighting alien forces and completing various objectives. The game adopts challenging mechanics centered around the same tactical elements that defined Rainbow Six Siege, emphasizing utilizing gadgetry and destructive environments. The game allows players to earn a slew of cosmetics while playing the game, with some rewards available between Extraction and Siege.

While Ubisoft unveiled Rainbow Six Extraction as a $60 experience, the publisher has since slashed its launch price to $40 on all platforms. The title also includes free co-op passes to share the game with friends, with access for all Xbox Game Pass subscribers, on Xbox consoles and Windows PCs.

Rainbow Six Extraction download size

Rainbow Six Extraction CombatSource: Ubisoft Entertainment SA

The Rainbow Six Extraction download size varies between platforms, with Xbox and PlayStation console versions clocking in just short of 50GB. The PC version weighs in at 85GB according to system requirements, with an optional 96GB HD texture pack also available, as previously seen with Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. This texture pack aims to deliver the best available visuals on PC versions, albeit with a hit to performance and storage.

Rainbow Six Extraction preload news

Rainbow Six Extraction is now available for preload console and PC, ahead of its scheduled January 20 release date. Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S preloads first went live earlier this month, enabling players to download the full 50GB title, ahead of launch. Preloads for PlayStation consoles and PC followed on January 18 via all storefronts.

Does Rainbow Six Extraction have a day one update?

Ubisoft hasn’t discussed plans for a major day one update for Rainbow Six Extraction on console and PC, suggesting those who preloaded the title can jump in from launch day. We’ll update this guide as Rainbow Six Extraction rolls out across the globe.


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