The latest version of Wi-Fi launched by Qualcomm is expected to be much faster and more trustworthy since the newest addition of airwaves is quite stellar. There are two chips that are to be launched today, one for the phones and the other for the routers. These chips are essentially going to be launched because of their support to the 6Ghz spectrum, which was launched in the US last year.

The chip is the latest in the FastConnect line, which will integrate with the SnapDragon chips that are already there. There are two options to launch FastConnect 6700 and 6900, which can go as high as 3Gbps and 3.6Gbps.

Experts believe that this is going to be a fast change, and everyone will adapt to it very fast with all the latest phones bound to get it. The current FastDragon 6800, does not have, 6Ghz support.

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In the WiFi 6E chips for router series, four new chips were called, 610, 810, 1210, and 1610. They are quoted to go to a high of 5.4 Gbps along with 16 streams and a maximum of 10.8 Gbps, at the higher end of the spectrum. Although it has gotten off with a headstart, it still needs to get regulatory approval in various countries and also needs to get on the inside of various phones and devices for launching. This should not be that big a problem considering the Qualcomm support it has.

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Source: The Verge



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