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Product Review of Make Dice Lite – The Tech Edvocate

What Users Love About the App

“Great Idea I’ve made several custom games some for humor and some for adult fun!!! Minus one star for other types of dice 8 and 12 sided dice.”

“Good for drinking games for a good ten minutes.”

“Cool. This helps me with choices. Coooooool, it’s amazing”

“It was useful when it worked. It was helpful teaching flexibility and randomness with students.”

What Users Dislike About the App

“It was working. Then it updated or something and it would not even let me choose basic dice. The screen goes black except of course for ads which it keeps opening without my choosing. Ugh!”

“I created some dice, didn’t like them, and was not allowed to edit them despite being on the ‘edit dice’ page. Also, d8 and d10 dice would not be amiss.”

“I want to create my own dice, but I can’t input any text, as my keyboard doesn’t appear when I touch the boxes. Glitch?”

“This is the only app I’ve deleted within 2 minutes of downloading. It might have lasted longer on my machine if it had a few more adjustments. I wouldn’t pay for those adjustment capabilities.”

“Used this app a lot but now won’t work as it needs to be updated to the new iOS.”


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