Abnormal weather is the difference between observed weather and its normal value, which is typically calculated using the 30-year average. Extreme events can have a highly significant influence on business performance and resource planning today, both positively and negatively, affecting production, supply, demand and operations across all sectors of the economy. In recent years organisations in the fields of energy, water, telecoms, transport, retail, leisure and agriculture have all been affected in a variety of ways.

About the author

Will Owen, Principal Resilience Consultant at Sungard AS.

Abnormal weather patterns offer a unique form of disruption for companies. They can last for several days, weeks or even months, and prolonged periods of disruption can lead to financial distress, triggering shortfalls in sales, store closures and even job cuts. In some instances, complete business failure is the only outcome, with small businesses often paying the highest price.



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