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Poll: Which phone brand would you bring back from the dead?

Smartphone brands come and go (apparently), and it’s not surprising at all – every big tech company wants a piece of that sweet pie. Unfortunately, today we live in a smartphone world ruled by the Apple/Samsung diaspora (more or less), and some pretty cool brands and smartphone models are lying buried in the tech graveyard.LG is the most recent example – the company decided to pull out of the smartphone business, even though at the time it still had a significant market share. Phones like the LG Velvet and LG Wing were pretty cool, and now we can’t have any more of that.

But if we stomp on the pedal of the time machine we may find even more reasons to tickle our nostalgic spot. Do you remember the Sony Ericsson partnership? My all-time favorite Xperia phone was born right before the two companies filed for divorce (it was Ericsson pulling out) – the Xperia Ray.

Some people have fond memories of the Nokia Lumia series, and the Windows Mobile experience. It’s true – Microsoft tried and almost succeeded in killing the Nokia brand but Lumia phones were solid, modern and offered a breath of fresh air in an iOS/Android polluted smartphone scenery.

Going further back we had Siemens (wonder what kind of smartphones the Germans would’ve been making today), HTC (another great brand, technically not dead but on life support), and of course BlackBerry!

BlackBerry phones were unique and they were doing great but then Android came along and the company failed to adapt fast enough (just like Nokia and Symbian), and we all know what happened next. Sure, there are rumors about the BlackBerry 5G 2022 but this phone keeps on getting delayed, and I’m starting to lose hope now.

So, after this long intro, it’s time for our poll. Which of these brands would you bring back from the dead, if you had the chance, and why? Vote in our poll, and as always, share your thoughts in the comments below.


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