Police: Man assaults Domino’s employee, slashes tires on cars for wrong order – WSAZ

MEMPHIS (WMC/Gray News) – Police in Tennessee arrested a man after they said he slashed the tires of a Domino’s employee’s vehicle for a wrong order.

The Memphis Police Department said they responded to an assault at a Domino’s restaurant on Nov. 18. At the location, they arrested Richard Johnson.

An employee at the Domino’s said Johnson came to pick up an order he placed online. The employee said Johnson left the store, but returned to say his order was wrong.

The employee said the online ordering policy wouldn’t allow him to return the pizza, but he could make another order.

According to the police report obtained by WMC, Johnson then became irate and threw the pizza next to the employee before leaving the store.

Johnson then reportedly came back into the store while the employee was cleaning up the pizza,, approached the employee in an aggressive manner, and attempted to take the broom the employee was using.

The employee told police Johnson tried to hit him, and a physical fight took place between the two. Other employees attempted to break up the fight, and Johnson stopped fighting and left the store, according to WMC.

The employee said Johnson later called Domino’s back that night to have a pizza delivered.

A few hours later, Johnson reportedly came back to the Domino’s location, where an employee said they saw him slashing several other employee’s tires along with those on a customer’s vehicle, according to police.

A witness told officers that when she came outside, she saw Johnson using a cutting tool to slash her front tire. She said she saw him drive off in a four-door SUV.

Police said they were able to use the given information to identify Johnson as a person of interest. Surveillance video helped them to determine Johnson was responsible for the assault and vandalism.

Officials said the total cost of damage to the cars came to over $1,300.

Police charged him with assault and vandalism costing $1,000 or less.


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