If your phone or laptop isn’t charging as quickly as it used to and you aren’t sure if it’s the cable, the charger, or your handset at fault, Plugable’s new USBC-VAMETER could be just the gadget you need. Able to detect and identify any charging problems between your USB-C chargers and your device, the USBC-VAMETER’s display will show all the relevant data as well as the real-time charge that is being received by the device. Having launched with a $45 RRP, you can grab Plugable’s USBC-VAMETER on Amazon for just $30.

It’s the perfect way to see if the extremely cheap USB-C charger you bought at the corner shop does what it says on the packaging.


  • USB-C Tester: Monitor USB-C power and charging. Measure voltage and amperage. Visualize the directional flow of electrical current. The updated OLED display is brighter and easier to read while the new orientation button lets you flip the screen 180 degrees
  • B-directional: USB power meter can be connected in either orientation, allowing for the full range of USB Power Delivery voltage from 5 to 20V (4-20V, 50mA-10A operating range)
  • Broad USB Support: Used as a data and power quality meter, the device allows USB data to pass through, USB-C Alt Mode video, USB-C charging. Use inline with USB-C docking stations, chargers, accessories, etc. Not compatible with Thunderbolt 3 devices
  • Small & Tough: Small enough to go anywhere you need a USB C voltage meter. Even fits most phones and tablets without removing a protective case. Strengthened USB-C connections ensure it’s sturdy enough to be your go-to USB C power tester
  • 2-Year Warranty: All Plugable products are backed with a 2-year limited parts and labor warranty
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Plugable’s USBC-VAMETER is usually priced at $45 but you can save $15 and get it for just $30 on via the link below.
Buy it Now: Amazon

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