Play Classic 'Minesweeper' In Your Browser for Free


Ready to kill some time and send your blood pressure through the roof? Nick Arocho, a front-end engineer at AWS Amplify has published a free version of Windows 95’s Minesweeper for the browser. It’s just as infuriating as the original game, and it’s become my go-to time waster this workweek.

Arocho’s version of Minesweeper is pretty straightforward. You click to unveil a space (or potentially blow yourself up) and Shift + Click to set a flag where there might be a bomb. Three difficulty settings sit at the bottom of the page, so experienced or genuinely sadistic players can jump right into Hard mode.

To learn more about Arocho’s Minesweeper, check out the GitHub page explaining the design choices, gameplay, and future updates. You can also view the source code if you’d like to develop your own web version of Minesweeper.

Looking for more free browser games? Try playing Solitaire in your browser, or head over to the Internet Archive to play some classic DOS titles like Doom in a browser-based emulator.

Source: Nick Arocho via @JenMsft


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