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“At the same time, we will implement a communication system to form a network within the community for the leadership to know which members are safe and which ones need help during any crisis.”

Many partners were involved in this initiative including Building Manitoba’s Network of the Future and the Information and Communication Technology Centre of Excellence, BlackBerry,, Indigenous Services Canada, and the Digital Citizen Contribution Program.

Together, they will install the fibre optic cable to Pine Creek First Nation and work with the community to implement the BlackBerry AtHoc critical event management solution.

The solution will enable the community to alert its members of dangerous weather conditions as well as provide the latest updates on the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Pine Creek First Nation is both pleased and excited to be selected as the second First Nation in Manitoba to be receiving a new tie into the CSC Fibre Optic Network,” said Chief Karen Batson of Pine Creek First Nation.

“Access to high-speed internet will provide our community with the opportunity to truly connect and interact locally and globally and will increase access to economic, health, education, and other socio-economic benefits. We are looking forward to working with CSC and all other partners involved in this much anticipated project.”

Pine Creek First Nation is located about 110 km North of Dauphin along the southwestern shore of Lake Winnipegosis.


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